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Haute Club Hollywood

Best night(s) at Haute Club:

- Recommended to have twice as many girls than guys.
- Recommended to set up a reservation for VIP Haute bottle service, to ensure a quick entry.

Haute Club music:
Hip-hop/Electro mashup

Easiest time to get into Haute Club: 10:30pm

Haute Club information:

Haute nightclub and lounge occupies the former space of Apple Lounge, however the old memories that you have of the place will be replaced by awe inspiring modern couture remodel by legendary hotelier Bert Hurstfield. The space right away makes you feel comfortable, at home, and exclusive. On any given night you can be sure to spot celebrities, socialites, and LA’s hottest club goers.

The nightclubs hostess's wear haute couture outfits, however don’t let that scare you, they are some of the sweetest people you will meet, eager to make sure everybody has an amazing time. Haute nightclub and lounge has a full kitchen, and serves dinner from 9pm to 11pm, and allows people to enjoy a lounge night with drinks and dinner, or to step into the bumping nightclub for an night of partying The service is impeccable, and if your eyes stray from you VIP table or booth, you will notice the beautiful wax dripped candles, detailed pillows, and lovely patio waterfall. The tables are serviced by their very own host, along with a personal VIP bottle hostess.

Both the lounge and VIP party area of Haute Night Club and lounge hosts DJ’s and guest celebrity performances such as IYAZ, who spin music and perform through a state of the art sound system., keeping the partiers dancing to the music all night. Haute is one of Hollywood’s most popular nightclubs, which results in a guest list that will not let you in unless you’re on it, you know a promoter, or you’re a celebrity. A VIP Bottle service reservation is highly recommended, along with an early rsvp, to ensure quick access into the club.


Haute Club Phone Number:

Haute Club Address:
665 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069
Haute Club Directions

Haute Club Parking:
Street Parking (difficult)

Haute Club Hours:
10:30pm - 2:00am

Easiest time to get in:

Open to party:
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Easiest night:

Hardest Night:

Haute Club Cover:

Outside patio or pool:

Haute Club dress code:
Upscale / Trendy

Haute Club website:

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Haute Hollywood Club

. From Haute Club's hours to finding directions. We list the Haute address. We have Haute's phone number, Haute Club's website, and even directions to the Club. Learn about the different Haute events going on during all nights of the week. To get on Haute Guest List, or if you need to make

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, we will try to help you out. Whether you want to be at the front of the Club on monday night, tuesday night, Club guestlist wednesday night, thursday night, friday night, saturday night or sunday night, Haute is a great place to party. Find the

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with GuestListHollywood.com. Infomation on Haute Promoters are also available. Haute Promoters are important to know and may help you get past the door guy.

Haute nightclub is located in our favorite town of Hollywood. For pictures, photos or pics of Haute Club please visit the site regularly. Haute Club is well known in Los Angeles, so please make sure to rsvp on the Haute Guest List. Many celebrities have attended Haute during the weekdays and weekends. Come visit Haute on your Birthday. It's a great place for having Haute Club Bachelorette parties, Haute Club Bachelor parties, Haute Club Birthday parties, Haute Club Sorority parties, Haute Club Fraternity parties, Haute Club wedding parties, Haute Club corporate events, Haute Club special events, Haute Club celeb events, 944 Events are fun too. It is very important to be on the Haute guestlist at nightclub.

Find out who the Haute promoters are this day of the week for guest list or bottle service. The Club is always packed with alcohol and that why we love partying there. Did you see on TMZ the celebrity spotting at Haute Club?

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Haute Club